UKAPP conference class in 2021

Why Join UKAPP?

The UK Association of Professional Piercers (UKAPP) is a not-for-profit health and safety organisation set up to improve piercing industry standards within the UK. Working collaboratively with other professionals by joining the organisation has a number of benefits: 
  • The knowledge that you are meeting or exceeding the UKAPP’s minimum standards (link here?) and doing the best you can for your clients in terms of hygiene practices, health and safety, and jewellery standards. 
  • The organisation represents the industry as a whole and will often engage with Public Health officials, Environmental Health Officers, and other relevant organisations that have the power to set laws and facilitate change within our industry from the outside. The UKAPP represents the industry’s voice in these dialogues and as such, a larger membership base gives our industry’s opinions and insights more weight in important discussions. 
  • Access to the knowledge and support of your peers, including the most experienced and knowledgeable piercers worldwide. 
  • The opportunity to have clients seek you out due to the standard that you work at and the quality of your jewellery through your listing on the UKAPP website.
  • The opportunity to voice your opinion and vote on the future of the UKAPP, including its Board of Directors. 
  • Marketing and referrals. Every time the UKAPP promotes itself, it endorses all of its members simultaneously. UKAPP Members are regularly contacted for referrals on safe, hygienic piercers in other regions. These members refer to other UKAPP members.
  • Use of the UKAPP Logo (following strict guidelines)
Jewellery vendor with jewellery cases
UKAPP members meeting 2019

There are financial benefits as well!

  • Reduced ticket prices for the UKAPP’s annual conference.
  • Kiwami Needles – 10% discount
  • People’s Jewellery – 5% discount on non-gem set titanium products
  • LeRoi Fine Jewellery – 10% discount
  • Apex Body Jewellery – 10% discount on niobium orders over £500
  • Neilmed Piercing Aftercare – 7% discount
  • Inari UK – 5% discount on orders over £500
  • Zadamer – 5% discount and free shipping on orders over $600
  • Junipurr – Offer a £100 voucher for members when signing up for an account with them for the first time.
  • Danila Tarcinale – 5% member discount on orders up to £1000 and 8% member discount on orders over £1000.