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The professional association dedicated to the piercing industry in the uk.


 a non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to spreading knowledge of safe piercing practices and up to date education for both industry professionals and the public. We offer piercers the chance to become a member by upholding the highest standards in their working environments. We also aim to create a peer review network for piercers and protect the piercing industry as a whole by giving it a voice.

UKAPP board members 2021


The UKAPP was born out of the UK Piercer Meet Up (UKPMU) facebook group, which was founded by Nicole Holmes, the organisation’s founding president. The UKPMU came together to discuss many industry issues – simple things such as insurance or piercing technique, as well as much larger issues that affected the industry as a whole. One of these larger issues was that at the time, the UK government changed legislation surrounding female genital mutilation (FGM) to include female genital piercings (FGP). 


A small group of piercers came together at an informal meet up in Newcastle in March 2015 to discuss what was needed to protect our industry and people’s rights and freedom to pierce their bodies. It was soon realised that the backing of an official organisation would be required to lobby the government. It was also realised that (as well as the FGM issues), such an organisation, the UKAPP, would be able to tackle other issues within our industry and get our profession seen as a genuine vocation to be respected by external industries. We drew inspiration (and a lot of help) from the APP to start the organisation, and their continued support is imperative to our formulation and growth.

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