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B11043197_10152785444992198_6166981816241850247_nody piercer and Scarification/Modification artist, Blue Lotus Piercing studio in Newcastle upon tyne

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10361390_10152674534892658_3934821825239933405_nPeter Monckton, Professional Body Piercer working in Studio 13, Southampton

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12002274_10156029832480265_7107577907999223453_nKim Hutchinson, Piercer/Modification Artist at Skins And Needles Middlesbrough and Manager/Owner at Skin Seamstress

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11401037_10153055781677736_854052641023870949_nAiden Johnson, Piercer and Scarification artist in Adorn, Shrewsbury

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12821505_10205838655113404_6903469989800049340_nSeb Wolf, Professional piercer working at Blue Lotus Piercing studio, Newcastle upon tyne




12794557_10156933142860221_2254385849704503352_nCharlie Remy LeBeau, Manager/Professional Body Piercer at Guru Body Piercing, Brighton

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