UKAPP stands for the United Kingdom Association of Professional Piercers. We are a fully not-for-profit voluntary organisation dedicated to the spreading of safe piercing practice through the use of up to date education for both industry professionals and the public. Creating a peer review network for piercers and protecting the piercing industry as a whole.MINI UKAPP LOGO b&w

We aim to

  • Inspire and empower professional body piercers nationwide into providing a safer and more professional service.
  • Inspire lifelong learning, advanced knowledge and to strengthen our community.
  • Undertake research and action focused on preventing public injury.
  • Offer support to piercers when they need it most as well as bring training and development to the UK.
  • Work closely with existing government bodies (LHA/HSC) towards implementing national standards.
  • Provide the means for the industry to become more self regulated.
  • Provide a National professional association dedicated to the piercing industry.
  • Encourage professional piercers to meet and discuss the industry.
  • Provide piercers and the public with support and assistance in drafting appropriate legislation in the industry.
  • Provide piercing technique, business, and health education classes at our Annual Conference for piercers, health inspectors, and others related to the industry.
  • Provide educational and information brochures.
  • Does not dictate the piercing technique(s) piercers use, what aftercare they suggest, or what specific piercings they may choose to perform.
  • Specifically addresses the practice of body piercing.

The UKAPP was born out of the UK Piercer Meet Up (UKPMU). The UKPMU came together because the UK Government changed the legislation surrounding Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) to include Female Genital piercings. A group of piercers came together at an informal meet up in Newcastle to discuss what was needed to protect our industry and peoples rights to have the freedom to pierce their bodies. It was soon realised that an official organisation would be required to lobby the government.

It was also realised that as well as the FGM issues an official UKAPP would be able to tackle other issues within our industry and get our profession seen as a genuine lifelong vocation to be respected by outside industries.

The UKAPP would like to recognize and thank Industrial Strength UK for the sponsorship and support since the beginning of this organisation