Conference Scholarship

Greetings fellow piercers 🙂

Many things were learned at our last conference. Among discovering your huge support we also became educated to the fact that many struggled to attend the conference.
We are happy to announce the UKAPP scholarship program. This year we can offer scholarship to two hard working individuals for the coming conference (dates to be announced)

Accommodations and conference registration are included in the Scholarship. Winners are required to share a room with other recipients and work more than 20 hours during the Conference. In addition, they must provide their own transportation to and from the conference.

Eligibility for Application:

Must be 18 or older by the time Conference happens.
Must have never attended Conference; have only attended one Conference (cannot be the previous year as an Attendee)
Must be working as a piercer in a studio; have at least 6 months piercing experience by the time Conference starts. Apprentices can be still under the guidance of their mentor but must have actual piercing experience for 6 months by Conference.
Recipients must be available in Birmingham on the Saturday evening prior to Conference (time may be adjusted to later requirement) and attend Mandatory Volunteer Training.
Recipients must be at Conference until approximately 10 pm on the last day of Conference. Scholars will be provided training in advance of Conference onsite. Scholars will potentially be working at any time during the week of Conference. They will be provided a schedule in advance of Conference of their classes and work responsibilities.


Application process:

Initially we require you to submit an application (found below) If you make it past the first cut we will request a short video, the final few will be interviewed by telephone

Each successful applicant will be expected to complete a 5-10 minute long video stating why they should receive the scholarship, detailing 2 or 3 topics chosen from the following list:

*Mini walk through of your piercing room/studio i

*Answer the question: Why you want to go to the APP Conference?

*Answer the question: What was your first body piercing experience like as a client?

*Show us three of your favorite Jewelry pieces in your case right now and tell us why you like them.

*Tell us about yourself as a person – separate from your body piercing career


Applicants must provide the information requested on the Application for the Scholarship. All information must be as complete as possible. Applications can be rejected for incomplete and/or untruthful information. Applicants must participate in the entire application process.
Recipients of this scholarship are expected to work long hours, represent the UKAPP in a professional manner for the duration of the Conference, and make the most of the opportunity being afforded them.

If the UKAPP becomes aware of an applicant behaving in an unprofessional manner in any public forum (facebook, tattoo convention, etc.), after having submitted their application to the scholarship program; the UKAPP reserves the right to discontinue processing of said application. Once connected to the program, the UKAPP expects the applicant to be aware their actions reflect on the Association and the Event.
International Applicants: You must provide confirmation that you have a VISA or other necessary traveling documents along with your application. If you will have a problem doing this please contact the APP office to discuss your options. ALL references supplied MUST have an email address provided.
Recipients are required to write about their experiences for possible publication in the post-Conference Point or other APP use