Our second annual conference! This time held over two days in Birmingham on 4th & 5th September 2016. This year saw a record attendance as we spread the event over 2 days, with an amazing 75 attendees. After learning so much from last year we readily improved our conference, making the whole experience for all attendees even better!


First up was Brian Skellie with ‘Asepsis and bevel theory’ Next up was Paul King addressing ‘Female genital piercing versus female mutilation’ again a very empowering response. Following right after was Ryan Oullette teaching us Brits how to ‘Upsell jewellery’. Last of the first day was Luis Garcia providing surface piercing technique. By the end of the first day, with venue space slowly emptying, the overall feeling was sheer pride tinged with an indescribable energy. What an experience, so many attendees, so many wonderful comments.


Began with Ryan Oullette and ‘Ear piercing fundamentals’. UKAPP board to make an announcement: we were officially ready to begin taking on members. Luis Garcia to give his last class, ‘Advanced ear piercing’. The event finale had local Matt Lodder a local anthropologist give talk on the history of body piercing.