Payment Confirmation – tickets


Your tickets have been confirmed

You have full access to all days full conference pass

Please take time to familiarize yourself with our behavior policy (below)
Also please remember this in a public space and while at conference you represent both the piercing industry and the UKAPP

By attending conference you are agreeing to abide to the following behavior policy

  • No one under the age of 18 is permitted on the conference floor (this includes babies and toddlers)
  • No food is allowed to be brought in from outside the venue, we ask that you respect that please.
  • You may NOT take any videos or record audio during classes. Please ask speakers if taking photos is permitted before doing so.
  • Please ask vendors before taking photos/videos of their stalls and stock.
  • Food is not permitted in the conference space – so please eat before attending classes (drinks are OK, but please keep our space clean and tidy and use the bins provided.
  • Anyone ejected from the hotel/conference for ANY reason will not have their conference pass cost reimbursed.
  • Please respect other conference attendees, their privacy and personal space. Hotel security will be notified of anyone who behaves in an aggressive or abusive manner. If you feel that another conference attendee is behaving inappropriately in ANY way, please inform a volunteer or UKAPP board member – we will deal with any reports of aggression or abuse on a case-by-case basis, but we will take any and all allegations very seriously. If you or another attendee is in immediate danger, call the emergency services (police, ambulance or fire brigade) on 999.

I understand that my attendance does not make me a UKAPP Member. That UKAPP does not endorse the piercing abilities or qualifications of any body piercer. That UKAPP does not “certify” any Member or non-member, studio, or piercer.

  • Keep your conference pass on you AT ALL TIMES. Not having it may mean you are not admitted into classrooms and the vendor area.
  • Anyone seen or known to be ‘Trading’ (selling goods or treatments of any description) to other attendees, other than registered vendors, will be ejected from the conference without a refund.
  • Anyone seen or known to be using any illegal substances while in the venue hotel will be ejected without refund.

Please respect our hosts – the hotel has gone above and beyond for us to make this event fun, safe and educational, so we ask that you treat the hotel and its staff with respect at all times.

Recommendations to get the most out of your time at conference:

Plan your travel time – arriving ahead of schedule will mean you get the most out of your time and allow adequate time to familiarize yourself with the floor plan.

Plan your day! We encourage you to plan out what classes you will be taking so you can move between them quickly. Obviously, it is not possible to attend EVERY class, but please note that some classes this year are going to be given twice – so if you can’t make one of the times, you may be able to make the other! Some classes have also been on in previous conferences, thus giving new attendees – or attendees who missed a specific class last year – chance to take it this time around. Ask a volunteer or board member if you’d like to know which classes are repeats. Some classes must be signed up for – this is stated on the schedule. Please go to the registration desk to sign up for any of these classes.

There are some gaps in the timetable to allow attendees time to shop in the vendor space, and to leave the hotel to get food – we highly recommend planning a lunch break into your day! Please use the conference space to socialize and have ‘piercer hangs’ with other attendees between classes too and remember to take plenty of pics – we’re using #UKAPPconference and #UKAPP2019 on social media!

STAY SAFE! If roaming in our host city, please stay in well-lit areas and travel in groups. For taxis we recommend Uber for low cost transport. The postcode for the venue (Raddisson Edwardian Blu Manchester) is M2 5GP and their number is 0161 835 9929.

Handouts are at the discretion of the speakers. If your speaker states there is a handout, then they must either provide it or take an email address to send it to you after conference – we encourage note-taking in all classes!

Make sure you sign in to classes on the door as you enter the room so you can be given credit for them.

If you need anything during your conference, please speak to a volunteer.

UKAPP Conference Ticket Refund/Transfer Policy

After purchasing a ticket, if you find are unable to attend conference:
More than one calendar month before the event, contact a member of the board to arrange a refund. You may also be able to reclaim your transport or hotel reservation, but this is at the discretion of the transport company/hotel, this is beyond the control of UKAPP.

There is an admin fee of £10 (which will be deducted from your refund) for any cancelled tickets.
Less than one calendar month before the event, we cannot offer any refund or reimbursement for your ticket. You may be able to reclaim your transport or hotel reservation, but this is at the discretion of the transport company/hotel, this is beyond the control of UKAPP.
Ticket Transfers:
TICKETS ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE. You cannot transfer your ticket to another person at any time – you can ask for a refund if it is more than 1 month before conference (£10 admin fee for this) but only the person who has bought each ticket may attend.
If you cannot attend the entire duration of the conference, no refund or reimbursement will be given.
If you are ejected from the venue or conference for any reason, no refund will be given.