Membership fee reduction during Covid 19

To our extended UK Piercing family,

To help with the financial posed to all small businesses during these trying times:

The UKAPP Board has decided that there will be no membership renewal fees to be charged to our existing members until January 2022.

Any piercer who wishes to join the UKAPP during the Covid-19 lockdown will have their application processing fee waived entirely, it will be free to join and you will not be charged anything until your first membership renewal in January 2021.

In order to qualify for your free membership you must complete your application within 3 months from the date lockdown is lifted. This is to give you adequate time to make and submit a video and collect any necessary documents. DO NOT leave your home to work on your application, this is what the extension period is for. Any applications not completed 3 months following lockdown being lifted will be charged the usual fee.

The APP Bloodborne pathogen course required for membership can be done from home and is currently £19, that can be found at…/register/3263442…

For general queries about membership please email

The UKAPP board will continue to look for opportunities to give back to the UK piercing community and wish there was more that we could do at this time. The UK Piercing community is amazingly resilient and we have no doubts that we will survive this crisis together.

Stay home, stay safe and look out for each other.

The UKAPP Board

An interview with Jim Ward

While across the pond at the annual APP Vegas conference, Nicole was fortunate enough to steal away a few minutes with Jim Ward, owner of the infamous Gauntlet and Badur Ramji of Punk Medics aftercare.

…They say you should never meet your heroes, although after talking with Jim I was left with nothing but nostalgia and awe. Jim was open, warm even and welcomed me to probe a little history from his memories…

So many young piercers are unaware of the earlier struggles our now thriving industry went through to land where it is, recognised, verifiable and honorable career.
Not that long ago body piercings were being created in secrecy, privately stolen away from prying eyes for fear of public shaming. The clear connection to S & M made it even more taboo, an apparent absolute connection to any form of alternative sexual lifestyle and not one the world was quite ready for (how quickly times can change)

Listen for free on itunes, spotify, and all major podcast platforms. You can also stream and download at:…/7ebb3312-c194-4413-a947-c555972f2d3e…

If you would like to learn more I would urge any body piercer or piercing fan to pick up a copy of Jim’s book “Running the Gauntlet” on Amazon or at:

And you can check out some fantastic aftercare products for tattooing and piercing at:

Social media

With all the interest in safe piercing, we choose to showcase the best of the best. Offering inspiration to both professionals and keen piercing enthusiasts. From classicly polished titanium to the fanciest of gold pieces. You can find something for everyone on our media feeds. Check out the Instagram page for all ther piercing eye candy


Northern most meet (So far) Sunday 17th April 2016, Edinburgh.

Thank you to Nikki and Kate at Twit Twoo in Edinburgh for taking to the time to seek out such a fantastic venue and welcoming us to Scotland.

 Discussion Topics

 Apprenticeships, Training & Schools

 Female Genital Piercing

 3 Septum Techniques

 4 Septembers Meet, Venue, Fundraising

 5 Jewellery Finishes, PVD, Anodising

 6 Council Follow-up Forms13055258_10154191950589885_1092152534402010727_o

1 Apprenticeships, Training & Schools

 General discussion on entering piercing as a career. As a group it was mostly felt that we would like to encourage Apprenticeships over short paid courses/piercing schools.

 Look into releasing a statement on behalf of the UKAPP explaining our preference for Apprentice based ongoing learning and why we feel this benefit’s potential new piercers over other methods of learning.

 Possibly include information for aspiring piercers along with statements from piercers on how they entered the industry.

2 Female Genital Piercing

 Further discussion on FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) with regards to FGP (Female Genital Piercing).

 Amongst the group we spoke about FGP and our own experiences. Who has continued offering them, those that don’t currently offer these piercings. Experiences with Local Councils that regulate guidelines in each area and their stances on continuing to offer this service.

 Also customers with existing genital piercings that had had contact with doctors and their experiences.

 It’s noted that currently as a group the issue has mostly gone under the radar outside of a few London Boroughs.IMG_1075

3 Septum Techniques, Needles 

 Forceps versus NRT’s, marking, cannular needles or blades needles.

 Whilst we all have our preferred methods, we approach each client depending on their anatomy and discovered that we all make changes based each person.

 Blade needles, various suppliers and advantages/disadvantages. Use of bends in needles for various piercing locations and positioning the needle cutting area when piercing.  

4 September Meet, Venue, Fundraising

 Looking ahead to the meeting 4th September 2016. Birmingham appears to be one of the preferred locations amongst the group for travel.

 It was mentioned that the previous venue may not meet this years requirements with potentially more attendees and speakers. And that it may be worth looking into other venues and possibly enquiring with some of the larger hotel chains on venue hire and if it’s offered free or reduced if a number of attendees stay at the hotel.

 Fundraising to cover potential fees for speakers and maybe starting a donation page to contribute to cover costs for the event.

5 Jewellery Finishes13055897_10154191949994885_6431276188202745714_o

 Discussion on finishes of various native and imported jewellery suppliers. We spoke about PVD finishes and how they appear under magnification also.

6 Council Follow-Up Forms

Whilst speaking about unskilled piercers and those that don’t have the best interests of our industry at heart. We discussed the potential for a pre-printed form to encourage customers that had had issues or experienced dangerous practises to contact their local councils. Unfortunately most do not know who to contact and this may help councils to identify trouble spots sooner.

Thank you again to Nikki and Kate for finding such a lovely venue. Fantastic food and obscene amounts of Tea & Coffee were consumed.

 Lovely to see some new faces in amongst those we’ve already met.

  Be sure to look out for Wojciech’s photo’s too !