MEMBERSHIP: Joining, Renewing & Reaping The Rewards

By Kim Hutchinson

Happy new year to you all!

A new year means membership renewal! We currently do all our renewals in January (31st January being the cut-off point), and during this we get our members to update us with certain things (first aid certificate, CPR training, BBP courses, insurance – all the important stuff!) to ensure that they are still upholding the highest standards possible.

This year is especially exciting (I promise that IS the correct choice of words!) because we have a brand-spankin’-new renewal process, which makes it easier for our members to renew their membership. We have also revamped the initial application form too (el Presidente was on fire with these over the Christmas break!)

Our new (and improved) membership application (for new members) is here: – the eagle-eyed among you will notice that now you upload pictures of each required item (first aid certificate, CPR certificate, BBP training certificate, pics of your autoclave/steriliser’s helix test log, insurance – and other important things) directly from your laptop, making it easier and more seamless for people applying as well as being easier for us to process applications (yay!) If you would like a copy of our membership pack, just email me – and I’ll send one out!

And our renewal form (current members to submit their renewal) is here: – as with the initial application form, you simply send us pics of your ‘important stuff’ via this form, and then we check it and make sure it is all up to date (and that it will be valid on your renewal date). So things like insurance and BBP training which MUST be renewed yearly are submitted so we can make sure all our members have the relevant up-to-date training and safeguarding measures! While we are currently adding to our requirements yearly (next year and 2020 will be the final 2 changes!) we also make sure that each member is up to date on these, and if not we would contact them and offer help and guidance on HOW they can meet the updated requirements. Because we want to help, and we absolutely want to keep our members working o the highest standards.


When a new member submits their application, it is checked over by a board member, we make sure that all our membership requirements are met – we do this through the questionnaire answers and the narrated studio walkthrough video that each member submits to show their working environment. Once all the boxes are ticked and we are satisfied that each member meets or exceeds the requirements, they get that all important email telling them they are our newest member, their membership dues are paid, and their certificate is sent out.

Each year after this, members are sent an email asking them to renew their membership, which is checked on submission, the member’s certificate is then prepped, printed out and sent to them to display proudly in their studio! Bish, bash, bosh!


The UKAPP has, in the past, been called upon to help governing bodies develop new legislation and ‘tools’ for piercers and other body art industry professionals, to give statements to the media on piercing topics and to act as a self-regulating union of piercers – meaning that as our numbers grow, so does the influence and impact we can have on the UK’s piercing industry. We are recognised as a group of piercers that are striving to up the standards set by local councils for piercers, as well as individuals who are dedicated to working to the highest possible standards within their own work environment. A piercer’s membership with us and their adherence to our standards shows this.

UKAPP members have access to our members-only forum on Facebook, where they can chat with other members, ask for help and advice. Furthermore, their details are added to the ‘find a member’ section of our website – meaning potential clients can find them easily, and their membership entitles them to a whole range of perks! Discounts with suppliers, extra advertising and promotion from our social media squad on Facebook and Instagram and of course a discount on their pass for our yearly conference!

In short, our members get a whole load of perks, and in return they help us grow and make our voice louder!

We encourage any prospective members to contact us for help with their application, or with any queries about our requirements – and look forward to accepting new members in the coming months!