Previously : 2016

Our second annual seminars, this time held over two days in Birmingham September 2016, held record a attendance. After learning so much from last year we readily improvement

Birmingham Sunday 4th & Monday 5th  September 2016


First up was Brian Skellie with ‘Asepsis and bevel theory’

Next up was Paul King addressing ‘Female genital piercing versus female mutilation’ again a very empowering response.

Following right after was Ryan Oullette teaching us Brits how to ‘Upsell jewellery’.

Last of the first day was Luis Garcia providing surface piercing technique.

By the end of the first day, with venue space slowly emptying, the overall feeling was sheer pride tinged with an indescribable energy. What an experience, so many attendees, so many wonderful comments.



Began with Ryan Oullette and ‘Ear piercing fundamentals’.

UKAPP board to make an announcement.

Luis Garcia to give his last class, ‘Advanced ear piercing’.

The event finale had local Matt Lodder



Previously : 2015

Our first seminars were held in Birmingham in September 2015 and had been organised in a rather short time. We here at the UKAPP are taking a steep but very progressive learning curve. While our first ever conference was a hit, we intend to up the game in the years to come.

Birmingham Sunday 20th September 2015

Meet up (12noon-2pm)

12noon – 12:15pm Brief intro and mission statement. Thanks to sponsors, APP and people who contributed to the kickstarter Walkthrough of timetable & announce next meetup date. Mention suggestion box.

12:15-1:30pm Topics to discuss: FGM issue Standardizing 4-star ratings from Charlie Remy LeBeau


2:15-3:15pm RYAN OUELLTTE (sterilization techniques)

3:30-4:30pm RYAN OUELLETTE (aseptic technique)

4:45-5:30pm PATRICK KEILTY (upselling, jewellery display and Industrial Strength showcase)

5:45 – 6:30pm AIDEN JOHNSON (metals, polishing & equipment, nickel directive)