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Being a growing industry with regular advancements, as will the requirements needed for membership be changed annually. Each year the following list will move slowly through required’ to ‘recommended’ eventually encompassing both.

PLEASE NOTE: The application must be completed on a PC and you must be logged into your Google account


  • Must NEVER use a piercing ‘gun’
  • CPR certification
  • First aid certification
  • Bloodborne pathogens certification
  • 1 year provable piercing experience
  • Business licence/registration with local council for body piercing
  • Treatment liability insurance
  • 360′ Video walk through of shop and studio
  • All counter surfaces in the piercing room and counter area must be non porous and easily disinfected
  • All wall surfaces in the piercing room must be non porous and easily disinfected (no soft furnishings)
  • All flooring must be non porous and easily disinfected
  • Clear separation between clean and contaminated spaces (minimum 4 feet distance)
  • Correct signage (bio waste, fire exits, handwashing)
  • An ultrasonic (if applicable)
  • A vacuum autoclave with records
  • Hands-free waste bins
  • Hands free bio waste bin
  • Access to handwashing facilities
  • Liquid soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser
  • Completely enclosed piercing room (Closable door and floor to ceiling walls unless structurally restricted)
  • Sterilised implements must be kept in sealed containers
  • Labelled Bio-hazards container for used tools (if applicable)
  • Meet the minimum jewellery standards
  • Helix testing daily
  • Wall mounted sharps bin
  • Sterile single use assistance implements, such as corks, elastic bands etc
  • Single use marking implements

*see membership pack for full details


  • In room dedicated hand washing facilities
  • Hands free controls for hands washing facilities
  • Helix testing with records
  • Completely separate heated ultrasonic designated ONLY for processing new, non-contaminated jewelry
  • A HEPA air filter or similar
  • Wall mounted sharps container
  • Seal-able, Bio-hazards container for used tools
  • An enclosed dedicated sterilising space, separate to any working area or restrooms
  • Single use marking implements
  • Completely dedicated piercing room
  • Solely pierce with internally threaded appropriate jewellery
  • Completely sterile assistance implements, corks, bands etc

Each year the UKAPP aim to slightly raise the bar for membership requirement. Allowing 12 months for current members to make the necessary changes to meet the standards.

THE 5 YEAR PLAN to see what else will be required

The requirements are expected to be met for the beginning of each new year, January. Failure to meet the new standards will result in having membership revoked.

Initial membership set up fee £100 annual renewal £30

Failure to comply with updated requirements will result in the full application fees being charged again.

 Pre application information available here