Join the UKAPP

Why should I join?

In this environment of increased competition, with so many people claiming to be expert piercers, the UKAPP will give you the credibility you need to stand out from the crowd. Our stringent criteria and high standards will remain in force. Those consumers who have learned to recognize the difference between so called professionals and UKAPP Members will seek you out. They will patronize UKAPP members for piercings and advice. When you become a member of the UKAPP you gain the trust of your clients and the support and respect of your peers. You will also have access to the collective knowledge and experience of your colleagues-including the most respected and experienced piercers worldwide, and a whole lot more.

Exclusive UKAPP member discounts:

Kiwarmi Needles – 10% discount
People’s Jewellery – 5% discount on non-gem set titanium products
LeRoi Fine Jewellery – 10% discount
Apex Body Jewellery – 10% discount on niobium orders over £500
Neilmed Piercing Aftercare – 7% discount
Inari UK – 5% discount on orders over £500
Zadamer – 5% discount and free shipping on orders over $600
Junipurr – Offer a £100 voucher for members when signing up for an account with them for the first time.

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Benefits include:

  • The opportunity to attend the members-
  • only classes at the Annual UKAPP Conference, as well as a discounted entry
  • An opportunity to vote and voice your opinion for the future of the UKAPP
  • A listing on the UKAPP ‘member locator’ page
  • Special Discounts from many supporting companies
  • Marketing and referrals. Every time the UKAPP promotes itself, it endorses all of its members simultaneously. UKAPP Members are regularly contacted for referrals on safe, hygienic piercers in other regions. These members refer to other UKAPP members.
  • Use of the UKAPP Logo (following strict guidelines)
  • The power of numbers as a UKAPP member you have the strength of an organization behind you. When it comes to legislators, inspectors, and also clients, the power of numbers is not to be denied. As a member you are a part of the first and largest organization of this kind! If you are part of a membership organization, performing piercings hygienically, according to the accepted industry standards, you are much less vulnerable to legal attack. Your actions are more defensible and you will be more credible as a member of a health, safety, and education organization. Legislators in need of input and assistance may contact the UKAPP for information and advice. Together we are powerful. UKAPP members are internationally regarded as up-to-date, trustworthy, knowledgeable experts in this field. When you become a member, that status by association is an undeniable benefit.