Member at large application

Full business member at large

New application of full UKAPP membership

    This application will take approximately 2 hours to complete, it will not save midway. You will be required to answer multiple questions regarding the industry and be asked to provide many studio documents.
    * Unless operating within an APP or a UKAPP member listed studio.
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  • Documentation section

    Many items in this list will be required to be submitted each year to maintain your membership.
    Select from the following options and link or upload evidence to show piercing experience
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  • Health & Safety agreement

    You must agree to all terms. The UKAPP requires a signed agreement on record from each individual member. Violation of these basic, critical health and safety requirements is grounds for immediate revocation of membership. Please each numbered line as indicated to show that you have read and fully understand each point.
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  • Questionnaire

    To ascertain your level of understanding we ask that you take time to answer each carefully. Your answers as well as all of your application will always remain private.
  • The UKAPP does not 'certify' piercers
  • Logo agreement

    Please replace all former logos with the current logos. Corporate Associate Members: See the guidelines for name and logo usage specific to Corporate Associate Members. Please sign below: I understand and agree to adhere to the above UKAPP Name and Logo Usage Agreement for the duration of my membership. I agree to immediately discontinue use of the UKAPP Members’ Logo if I discontinue my membership in the organization.
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