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UKAPP is a non-profit, voluntary organization dedicated to spreading knowledge of safe piercing practices, up to date education for both industry professionals and the public and offer Piercers the chance to become a member by upholding the highest standards in their working environments. We also aim to create a peer review network for Piercers and protect the piercing industry as a whole by giving it a voice.


  • Provide a national professional association dedicated to the piercing industry.
  • Provide the means for the industry to become more ‘self-regulated’.
  • Encourages piercers to meet and discuss the industry.
  • Provide piercers and the public with support and assistance in drafting appropriate legislation in the industry.
  • Provide piercing technique, business, well-being, and health education classes at our annual conferences for Piercers, health inspectors, and other professions related to the industry.
  • Provide educational and information brochures.
  • Does not dictate the piercing technique(s) piercers use, what aftercare they suggest, or what specific piercings they may choose to perform.
  • Specifically address the practice of body piercing.