An interview with Jim Ward

While across the pond at the annual APP Vegas conference, Nicole was fortunate enough to steal away a few minutes with Jim Ward, owner of the infamous Gauntlet and Badur Ramji of Punk Medics aftercare.

…They say you should never meet your heroes, although after talking with Jim I was left with nothing but nostalgia and awe. Jim was open, warm even and welcomed me to probe a little history from his memories…

So many young piercers are unaware of the earlier struggles our now thriving industry went through to land where it is, recognised, verifiable and honorable career.
Not that long ago body piercings were being created in secrecy, privately stolen away from prying eyes for fear of public shaming. The clear connection to S & M made it even more taboo, an apparent absolute connection to any form of alternative sexual lifestyle and not one the world was quite ready for (how quickly times can change)

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